How to know if a jewel is silver?

How do you know if it's silver?

How to recognize 925 sterling silver jewelry?


There are several ways to know if a jewel is silver or not. The first thing we have to do is ask the establishment for the stamp that certifies the authenticity of the material used in the manufacture of the jewel. This document will indicate the degree of purity of the silver and its origin. However, there are times when they cannot provide us with the quality mark. In this case, with the help of a magnifying glass, we will see if the piece bears the distinctive stamp that proves that it is really made of silver. In Spain, we must look for the official contrast. If a piece is made of silver, we will find the numbers 950, 925, 900 or 800 engraved followed by some letters that identify the official contrast laboratory. These numbers indicate the purity of the silver used. They are usually recorded in:

  • The inside of the rings
  • Backs or closures slopes
  • Closures, or next to them, in bracelets O chains.
  • Backs on the handles pendants


What do the numbers engraved on the silver mean? sterling silver or 925 silver: what is it?


Silver is a fairly soft material. For this reason, to make their pieces, jewelers have had to make alloys with other materials. Thus, obtaining resistant pieces that are suitable for use. It is, therefore, almost impossible for us to find a 100% silver piece. The most common thing is that in the market we obtain 950, 925, 900 and 800 silver objects.

The numbers 950, 925, 900 or 800 indicate the purity of the silver used.

  • 800: 80% purity
  • 900: 90% purity
  • 925: 92.5% purity
  • 950: 95% purity

To be considered sterling silver must be at least 925 thousandths. This will be a piece made up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.


What other techniques are there to know if something is silver? identify your silver or 925 silver jewelry.


  • If a jewel is silver it will be less bright and cooler in tone than silver-plated jewelry. Also, the jewelry will not be pure silver if it chips or turns greenish. A characteristic of 925 Silver is that it darkens over time and stops shining.


  • pouring a drop of bleach About the jewel: If it starts to oxidize, it is made of silver. If the piece is made of silver, it will be easily cleaned and recovers its original color, but if the oxidation persists, it is not entirely a silver piece.


  • Clean the jewel with a special cloth for silver. Silver often leaves black marks caused when sterling silver oxidizes. This does not happen with jewelry that is not made of silver.


  • silver has a degree of magnetism very low. If we use a magnet and the object adheres to it, the percentage of silver in the object will be very small. On the other hand, if we place the object at a 45 degree angle and the magnet remains still, the material will be metallic and not silver. If the magnet slides, the inside of the piece will also be silver.


  • As mentioned above, the Silver 925 It contains very little copper so it does not smell. Therefore, if you can smell copper or another metal, the amount of silver in that piece will be less than 92.5%.


Finally. Always consider buying your jewelry from a trusted seller and think that bargains do not exist, be wary of prices that are too low.