Haz tu joya única


There is nothing more personal than your child's name and date of birth engraved on a baby feet pendant or the names of your partner and yours engraved on a silver infinity pendant as a symbol of eternal love.
For this reason, at Glorious Lola Jewels we are committed to custom jewelry and you can see in our catalog a large assortment of bracelets and pendants made of sterling silver, made each with the dedication and expertise necessary to satisfy each of our clients.
One of those star jewels is the tree of life pendant necklace, inspired by the family tree. Through the tree with its branches in continuous change and growth, ending in the name of each of the members of the family where all generations are represented.
The design is inspired by the modern day minimalist woman which represents the new trends in 925 sterling silver jewelry. An ideal jewel what to wear with each of your looks that combines elegantly with a day to day look or for the woman to look like a personalized jewel on special occasions like anniversaries, holidays, Valentine's, or Christmas.
A unique piece with meaning that is ideal both to give away as to buy, with the possibility of including up to 9 names the Glorious Lola tree of life necklace It is that basic in jewels that you cannot miss.
In addition, for the most daring it can be combined with our necklaces of moons, stars or circles, mixing silver necklaces with others 18k gold or 18k rose gold plated necklaces, at different heights creating many different combinations of necklace sets that result in the success of a perfect look. 
Next, we leave you the link to the collection of personalized jewelry.