Joyas de mujer imprescindibles para tu look diario

Essential women's jewelry for your daily look

Get the most out of your daily looks by combining your silver jewelry. Being able to look radiant in any situation is essential, that's why we tell you all the tricks that will be the key to your daily style.

Pendants for any situation

Chokers, link chains, chains with pendants, necklaces with pearls or stones, mixtures of both, necklaces with color, anything goes in the world of necklaces if you know how to create the perfect combination. Bet on the ones you like the most and that go with your look that day and give rein to your imagination. Combine with small hoops or earrings.

dazzling earrings

In addition to an event, you can wear incredible and dazzling earrings in your day-to-day. How?

In the first place, bet on minimalism for your day-to-day life, secondly, choose the earrings that best go with your outfit, whether silver or gold, with a stone or color, etc., thirdly, choose the size, they can be large, medium or small and fourthly wear your earrings alone without any accessory, if you have chosen well you will not need any more help to make your daily look TOP.

If what you are looking for are silver earrings for an event, things change here. Depending on your outfit, you can always give free rein to fantasy, rarities, oversizes, mixtures, etc. Wear them alone so as not to give an overloaded feeling and that they can offer the look its dazzling finish.

timeless jewels

Having a few basics in the jewelry box is a trend that never fails. Surely you have your favorites, those pieces that never go out of style and that play a leading role in your outfits. You will already know what jewelry we are talking about, a choker, pearl earrings, minimalist bracelets, hoop earrings, etc. Combine these pieces in a subtle and elegant way and you will shine in your day to day. It is essential not to overload the look or we will not be getting the best result, if for example you wear very large earrings you can do without the necklace. If you wear many bracelets, put on some small earrings, either hoops or small pearls. You can wear a very striking necklace and let it shine on its own and take the look up a notch. Try to combine stone jewelery with others in smooth silver for a total look. The result is that you will never fail if you choose to combine your outfit with your timeless jewelry.

Glorious Lola: jewelry experts

At Glorious Lola we are specialists in 925 sterling silver jewelry. We try to create designs that are very combinable with other designs from different seasons, more radical or minimalist designs. Our idea is that you can achieve the ideal look for your glorious moments by combining and creating your best outfits, those that make you feel that you shine, beautiful, comfortable, elegant and happy.


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