Las 4 joyas must have que no te pueden faltar


The jewels are linked to feelings and special moments, such as weddings, baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries. Jewels that represent an unforgettable memory and that are loaded with affection and love, whether you chose them or if they were gift jewels. Jewels that help you enhance the style of your perfect look for each occasion. Today we show you 4 of the pieces in sterling silver that cannot be missing in your Jewelry Box, a perfect basic that never fails.
Pearls are the basic that gives elegance to your look, the eternal and perfect mix between silver and natural pearls combines very well both for your day to day and for more special events. The Glorious Lola Aphrodite Collection It is made up of a wide variety of silver earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces with natural pearls and zircons, precisely with the idea of offering that indisputable basic of jewelery that every woman should have at a single click.  
Their versatility has placed them at the top of the jewels that are never missing, since they have the ability to transform each look. Silver hoops, with pendant, small, with different shapes, gold or rose gold plated, with balls, large, simple hoop earrings, earrings with zircons or natural stones such as amethyst or turquoise or basic combined with each other in different sizes, generating a visual impact on your look that never goes unnoticed. Given the importance that earrings play in each outfit, at Glorious Lola we have worked to offer you an extensive collection of earrings. You can find it in the earrings tab in the "hoops" submenu or putting rings in our search engine.  
A sterling silver ring with a simple and timeless design combines very well with everything you want to add and for all moments. Geometric shapes, rings with zirconia or several basic alliances forming a larger ring are a good choice. The Glorious Lola Ring Collection It is designed to fill your jewelry box with these essentials that will never fail you.
Two bracelets, one in silver and the other with a gold bath to play with depending on the touch you want to give to your look. You can also mix them together to mark a more risky style of your own. Take a look at our proposals.