What are climbing earrings and why are they a trend?

The silver climber earrings and gold plated are already trend everywhere, from Pinterest to the Instagram accounts of celebrities and influencers, so they have already become a must have that cannot be missed. In this post we tell you EVERYTHING on the climbing silver earrings.



Climbing earrings, what is it?

The silver climbers they are the earrings that go up your ear and are a little bigger than a normal earring. They are also known as climber o ear climber. This trend in jewelry of the season, unique and innovative, is already a success captivating looks with each outfit, as they fit all styles, tastes and needs. They are super versatile pieces that you can find at an affordable or cheap price. Crafted in sterling silver, they give you all the aesthetic benefits of having multiple holes in your ear without the need for piercings. The silver climber earring offers you the possibility to experiment and play with your creativity and imagination by mixing ways to wear it to achieve a look that is daring, sophisticated and elegant or bright and creative because There are no set rules!


How to place the climbing earrings?

It is very easy to place the silver climber earring. For the silver climber earrings with pressure closure you only have to put it on like any earring or earrings with this closure, you just need to have a hole in the lobe, adjust the pressure gently at the back of the ear and that's it, the climber earring will be very striking rising towards the top of your ear. One of our favorites are the climber earrings colors, full of colored stones and in two versions: silver and gold.


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For the silver climbing earrings with a hook closure, you also only need to make a hole in the earlobe, pass the hook through and adjust the hook gently towards the back of the ear. The ones we like the most are: silver star climber earrings and flower climbing earrings Very bright and original!